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Energy is the primordial factor for life on earth. Not only at the basal level but energy is required for every fundamental need as also to actualize luxuries. In today’s context, life would not be the same without energy. Although the power sector has been in operation for decades, it has metamorphosed from a plain producer to a smart producer, owing to demands. And, India is one of the top producers/consumers of energy in today’s world.

Navsar burgeoned early to ride and influence the new wave of energy production, which demands speed of execution, reliability of function, and ease of restoration. Having started operations in 2004, Navsar helped the Indian power industry cope with its needs, as the industry, largely, was undergoing a makeover to adopt innovation and modernization. The areas of initial focus for Navsar were fundamental commissioning and troubleshooting of power plants.

One of the earliest and biggest projects of Navsar was that of commissioning a 100 MW power plant for a client, who required an innovative multi-fuel boiler at its center. This is where the strength of a team that understands detailed requirements with the ability to deliver as required helped accomplish the task. The responsibilities ranged from commissioning of the plant right up to its handover after Performance Guarantee Testing.

With experience and expertise on its side, Navsar went international in 2015, servicing clients in the Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions, while exhibiting their capability in the entire vertical space through EPC, O&M, and COnsulting services. However, Navsar still had its feet firmly rooted at commissioning and troubleshooting, while aspiring to expand its horizons to other vertical spaces.

Having established themselves adequately in the Energy & Power sector, they promoted a few subsidiaries yet allied entities, such as the below:

  • Petl energy – Renewables and emerging technologies in the renewables space
  • Atral Electric – EV Charging solutions, last-mile e-mobility fulfillment, and related services
  • BlackHammAR – AR/VR technology domain solutions to aid efficient installation and troubleshooting of power, process, and manufacturing plants
  • Keemurai – AI-powered energy efficiency solutions to monitor and improve using predictive algorithms

With Navsar looking to the future, and with a global presence in the energy domain, their plans still gravitate to their core values and focus areas, which are:

  • Renewable energy power generation: provide renewable energy as a service for own consumption (especially for EV charging) and customers
  • Engage in CSR activities using Energy as a leveraging tool: Their curiosity asks, “Can one solar-powered street light improve the literacy rate in a tribal village?”
  • Develop B2C digital insights and management platform to simplify owning and maintaining renewable energy power plants

The success of individuals, organizations, and a country as a whole depends on the success of the energy sector, and companies, such as, Navsar that could manifest dreams in reality play a key role in a society’s success and well-being. More power to plans and plants!

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