Power-to-X: A 100% Renewable Energy System

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The talk about decarbonization of the planet is ‘literally’ the buzzword that is humming within the energy sector. After all, the shift from fossil to renewable energy sources is quite inevitable. Climate change is obvious and the continued damage caused by the emission of greenhouse gases is nothing short of a slow catastrophe in the […]

AI & the ‘Power Sector’

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The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence practically in every field is the new world order of acceptance (or) let’s say The Mandalorian philosophy of “This is the Way”!! The future is going to be a fusion of Artificial Intelligence and its tryst with Human potential. This change holds good for the power sector as well – […]

The Future of Diesel Engines

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Diesel as a fuel has always garnered mixed emotions and has had different take-up amongst consumers and transporters. In the last ten years, however, with the emergence of cleantech & renewable energy and the center stage given towards climate change, are we looking at the holy grail situation for the diesel engines? Adapting to newer […]

FormulaE – Future of Performance Motorsports

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The sweet revving sound of the F1 car is music to hardcore fans of the sport – It is like an acquired taste, you either like sushi or you don’t, there is no in-between. But with the advent of the Elon Musks of the world, there has been a lot of chatter around electric vehicles […]

The Future of Power Plants

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Rising energy demand, emerging new challenges, need to meet the objectives of more renewable sources and the push to slash Co2 have been cornerstones to tap into newer technologies with regards to the energy sector. The need to make the power plants portable has been stemming from the idea of tapping energy from various sources […]

Peer-to-peer Energy Trading through Blockchain

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There are multiple origin stories for the barter system, and consequently for the Peer-to-peer ecosystems. Whatever the origin may be, the fact that they will become a mainstream technology in the future is inevitable.  Peer-to-peer energy trading is buying and selling of energy between two or more power grids, often in the form of excess […]

Hybrid Solar Wind Energy Storage

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Collectively three countries – the United States, China, and India – drove more than 70% of the global energy demand during the year 2018 and it is estimated to grow at an average of 1.3% every year (Link). This makes us ponder if we have enough ‘reliable and uninterrupted’ power supply to cater to such […]

Reimagine Rebuild

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Whatever the future holds nobody knows – as renowned author Matt Myklusch said: “the future is not written. It lies in the choices you make. Our future is ours to decide. Always” The Great Lockdown has thrown at us some unprecedented challenges and has impacted every sector of commerce and industry, and the energy sector […]

Molten Salt Reactor – The Future of Energy

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The future of energy is remarkably interesting. The world is moving more towards sustainable energy and the echoing sentiments towards green energy solutions is growing by the day. This sector is bound to take precedence over conventional energy in the coming decade. However, there is one more area that is silently yet strongly taking centre […]

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