Ethanol as alternative fuel

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You can’t drink and drive, but your car can and I’m not kidding! Alcohol in its purest form can drive cars, and it is common knowledge that alcohol (spirit) has the burning capacity, that is, it is flammable and therefore has the ability to produce heat and pressure while it burns, just like petrol or […]


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“You want water? Wait, let me get you some from the hydrogen fuel tank, and let me charge your cell phone while I’m at it,” might sound dramatic, but it is science. We know from high school chemistry that 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen are in 1 molecule of water (H2O). […]

Coming with the wind

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“Gone with the wind” is an old adage. The latest winds bring with them a ‘wealth’ of opportunity and earnings. Whether the winds are picking up or not, the wind energy industry is galloping towards its peak. Like all renewable sources of energy, wind energy helps share the weight of power requirements across the world […]

Kinetic Energy Recovery System

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Introduction Energy is the buzzword in any person’s life and the world in general, as, over the past few decades, we have been needing more and more electrical power for our everyday utility. And, thereby we are now more dependent on the state to meet our everyday energy demands, be it in a domestic or […]

India’s Big Bet on Clean Energy

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India has been at the forefront of change concerning the energy sector. Despite the stringent lockdown slowing down its targets, India has since made some big bets towards clean energy and has doubled down its target from 175 GW to 225 GW by 2022 (Source: The Ken). 2020 though proved to be an extremely decisive […]

Quantum Computing and Energy Sector!!

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We had discussed in detail in our earlier blogs/write-ups that energy consumption is increasing by the day and almost doubling since 2004 across the globe – this surge is inevitable. The ‘demand’ for energy availability has made innovation a necessity for companies across the globe. This demand is paving the way for many to emerge […]

Power-to-X: A 100% Renewable Energy System

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The talk about decarbonization of the planet is ‘literally’ the buzzword that is humming within the energy sector. After all, the shift from fossil to renewable energy sources is quite inevitable. Climate change is obvious and the continued damage caused by the emission of greenhouse gases is nothing short of a slow catastrophe in the […]

AI & the ‘Power Sector’

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The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence practically in every field is the new world order of acceptance (or) let’s say The Mandalorian philosophy of “This is the Way”!! The future is going to be a fusion of Artificial Intelligence and its tryst with Human potential. This change holds good for the power sector as well – […]

The Future of Diesel Engines

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Diesel as a fuel has always garnered mixed emotions and has had different take-up amongst consumers and transporters. In the last ten years, however, with the emergence of cleantech & renewable energy and the center stage given towards climate change, are we looking at the holy grail situation for the diesel engines? Adapting to newer […]

FormulaE – Future of Performance Motorsports

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The sweet revving sound of the F1 car is music to hardcore fans of the sport – It is like an acquired taste, you either like sushi or you don’t, there is no in-between. But with the advent of the Elon Musks of the world, there has been a lot of chatter around electric vehicles […]

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