Wasting to Produce Energy

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If you knew that waste could be used to produce energy, would you waste more? Maybe not, but isn’t it exciting to know that urban waste could be converted to energy / electricity? And yes, it is a quickly maturing industry in today’s context. With an ever-increasing global demand for energy, innovative technologies are emerging […]

Atmospheric Detox through Carbon Capture

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What a benediction to society it would be to arrest the delinquents of this world and convert them to philanthropists?! The Avengers of the energy world have done just that – it is now possible to arrest pollutants from industrial chimneys, and what more – you can put them to good use. Carbon Capture and […]

No sweat, it’s Solar!

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“Heavy rains, floods, and no power? Don’t go solo, just go Solar, will you?” could be a trivializing line from a comedy movie, unless you have known about solar energy. The sun is the only perennial source of energy, heat and light, in this world. And the best part of it is that it is […]

Our Story So Far

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Energy is the primordial factor for life on earth. Not only at the basal level but energy is required for every fundamental need as also to actualize luxuries. In today’s context, life would not be the same without energy. Although the power sector has been in operation for decades, it has metamorphosed from a plain […]

Ethanol as alternative fuel

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You can’t drink and drive, but your car can and I’m not kidding! Alcohol in its purest form can drive cars, and it is common knowledge that alcohol (spirit) has the burning capacity, that is, it is flammable and therefore has the ability to produce heat and pressure while it burns, just like petrol or […]


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“You want water? Wait, let me get you some from the hydrogen fuel tank, and let me charge your cell phone while I’m at it,” might sound dramatic, but it is science. We know from high school chemistry that 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen are in 1 molecule of water (H2O). […]

Coming with the wind

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“Gone with the wind” is an old adage. The latest winds bring with them a ‘wealth’ of opportunity and earnings. Whether the winds are picking up or not, the wind energy industry is galloping towards its peak. Like all renewable sources of energy, wind energy helps share the weight of power requirements across the world […]

Kinetic Energy Recovery System

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Introduction Energy is the buzzword in any person’s life and the world in general, as, over the past few decades, we have been needing more and more electrical power for our everyday utility. And, thereby we are now more dependent on the state to meet our everyday energy demands, be it in a domestic or […]

Power-to-X: A 100% Renewable Energy System

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The talk about decarbonization of the planet is ‘literally’ the buzzword that is humming within the energy sector. After all, the shift from fossil to renewable energy sources is quite inevitable. Climate change is obvious and the continued damage caused by the emission of greenhouse gases is nothing short of a slow catastrophe in the […]

The Future of Power Plants

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Rising energy demand, emerging new challenges, need to meet the objectives of more renewable sources and the push to slash Co2 have been cornerstones to tap into newer technologies with regards to the energy sector. The need to make the power plants portable has been stemming from the idea of tapping energy from various sources […]