Power-to-X: A 100% Renewable Energy System

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The talk about decarbonization of the planet is ‘literally’ the buzzword that is humming within the energy sector. After all, the shift from fossil to renewable energy sources is quite inevitable. Climate change is obvious and the continued damage caused by the emission of greenhouse gases is nothing short of a slow catastrophe in the […]

AI & the ‘Power Sector’

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The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence practically in every field is the new world order of acceptance (or) let’s say The Mandalorian philosophy of “This is the Way”!! The future is going to be a fusion of Artificial Intelligence and its tryst with Human potential. This change holds good for the power sector as well – […]

The Future of Power Plants

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Rising energy demand, emerging new challenges, need to meet the objectives of more renewable sources and the push to slash Co2 have been cornerstones to tap into newer technologies with regards to the energy sector. The need to make the power plants portable has been stemming from the idea of tapping energy from various sources […]

Peer-to-peer Energy Trading through Blockchain

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There are multiple origin stories for the barter system, and consequently for the Peer-to-peer ecosystems. Whatever the origin may be, the fact that they will become a mainstream technology in the future is inevitable.  Peer-to-peer energy trading is buying and selling of energy between two or more power grids, often in the form of excess […]