No sweat, it’s Solar!

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“Heavy rains, floods, and no power? Don’t go solo, just go Solar, will you?” could be a trivializing line from a comedy movie, unless you have known about solar energy. The sun is the only perennial source of energy, heat and light, in this world. And the best part of it is that it is […]

India’s Big Bet on Clean Energy

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India has been at the forefront of change concerning the energy sector. Despite the stringent lockdown slowing down its targets, India has since made some big bets towards clean energy and has doubled down its target from 175 GW to 225 GW by 2022 (Source: The Ken). 2020 though proved to be an extremely decisive […]

The Future of Power Plants

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Rising energy demand, emerging new challenges, need to meet the objectives of more renewable sources and the push to slash Co2 have been cornerstones to tap into newer technologies with regards to the energy sector. The need to make the power plants portable has been stemming from the idea of tapping energy from various sources […]

Hybrid Solar Wind Energy Storage

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Collectively three countries – the United States, China, and India – drove more than 70% of the global energy demand during the year 2018 and it is estimated to grow at an average of 1.3% every year (Link). This makes us ponder if we have enough ‘reliable and uninterrupted’ power supply to cater to such […]